Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Korean Union recommends strike at US installations

European and Pacific Stars & Stripes

Lance in Iraq noted this story. Lance is correct in that the US needs to get out of South Korea. It's pretty obvious the South Koreans don't want the US in their country and are also ungrateful for the US protection from North Korea since the '50's. This is along the lines of the attitude of the Germans towards the US and why do we still have any bases in Germany. To me, I don't care what the rational would be, it's time to get out of these countries. If the US needs footprint bases I'm sure there are willing host countries. But, I don't think the US should ever build up permanent bases again like we have in Europe or South Korea. I don't believe there is ever goodwill created from this permanent base structure in the host countries. There will come a time when Americans are going to be fed up with this setup and the tax dollars sponging into the foreign economies of nations who hate us.

Kang In-shik said he met with USFK Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell and other senior U.S. officers to discuss the military’s proposal to lay off 1,000 South Korean workers.
The announcement came as the United States and South Korea are trying to agree on how much that nation should pay toward the $1.2 billion cost of maintaining USFK. Last year, South Korea paid about $621 million. This year, it has proposed cutting that amount by $60 million,
Kang said he understands that the funding shortfall might mean some workers would lose jobs but that cutting 1,000 employees is a “big ‘no-way’ for us, no matter what.”

The union will go to its 12,000 voting members beginning this week to see if they’ll vote for a strike, Kang said.

Imagine that....12,000 South Korean workers employed by the US!

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