Saturday, April 09, 2005

The House That Mary Berry Built

Civil Rights Agency Cuts Budget by 9% (

Finally, with Mary Francis Berry being forcibly removed from the commission they find out the agency is in such a shambles that they can't even find an Audit Firm to come in to audit the books. Avoidance of such audits can also be attributed to the Sarbanne Oxley law, there's too many possibilities of lawsuits. Aside from that, I found a humorous comment from one of the members who was suggesting how to "fix" the budget problem:

During the meeting, commissioner Michael Yaki, a new member of the liberal wing, suggested the agency develop a three-year plan for balancing its budget and requesting more money from Congress.
Oh sure, just give us more money to throw away and another 3 years to do nothing but spend, spend, spend!

The new chairman brought in by President Bush says:
Chairman Gerald A. Reynolds said the agency must right itself now. "These problems have been festering for a long time. All the options we have are bad. It's just a matter of picking the best of the bad choices," he said.
I sure wish small business had the option to say: Oh just give us more money and 3 more years!! No, what small business does is cut salaries, cut discresionary spending to the bone and many times the Partners/Owners go without a salary. There's no taxpayer to give them more cash!

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