Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hillary Blames The VRWC Again!

New York Post Online Edition:

Hillary was in the Democrat enclave of Minneapolis, MN last night. She was the money draw (errr, I mean keynote speaker) for the fund raising event. Strangely enough, when good old Hill is in front of 'her own kind' she let's that wacky left wing radical personality of hers shine as compared to oh let's say a speech in the Bible Belt.

Anyway - here's an example:
We are headed to a brave, new world of extremism, and we need to make clear we're not going there," she told a sellout crowd of 2,000 who paid $100 a head to see her. "We stand against their radical, reactionary right-wing agenda."

Clinton sounded every bit the stumping presidential contender as she slammed the Republicans for driving up the national debt, wrecking overseas alliances and leading the nation on a domestic path "well outside the mainstream."

She lambasted Republican members of Congress as "extras in the movie 'I Robot' " who "mindlessly rubberstamp the agenda of this administration" and want to do "little more than fund the military and build some highways."

And she scolded President Bush for flaunting a "prideful unilateralism" in the war on terrorism and warned the commander-in-chief that the United States "cannot direct the rest of the world to follow our orders merely because we said so."

On the local Fox Affiliate News last night a reporter was interviewing a woman attending the event. First the reporter was so gushingly pumped up from the event her color Blue was shining brightly. The woman interviewed in a straight face and a very sincere and serious tone said of HRC:
She was wonderful and her sincerity and truthfulness just shines. She has bi-partison plans to right the country and you can trust her completely.

I'm not kidding! I just wonder what rock this woman has been under for the last 12 years.

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