Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Disabled Girl Raped (Students Videotape Crime), School Says WHAT?

The Southern Beat:Disabled Girl Raped and Videotaped

Prepare to get very ill.

Here's an excerpt:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A 16-year-old disabled girl was punched and forced to engage in videotaped sexual acts with several boys in a high school auditorium as dozens of students watched, according to witnesses.
Now to make it even worse:

School officials found the girl bleeding from the mouth. An assistant principal cautioned the girl’s father against calling 911 to avoid media attention, the statements said. The girl’s father called police.

Update: The Southern Beat has another update on this story. This is so hard to swallow.
The School administrators(as noted by The Southern Beat):
They concluded the sex was consensual? What the hell? THEY PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE! How is that consensual!?

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