Thursday, April 21, 2005

Clinton Case Mystery

Clinton Case Mystery - April 21, 2005 - The New York Sun

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As a testament to the Clintons - again, it doesn't look like this criminal activity will touch them at all. How do they do it?

Mrs. Clinton's campaign has claimed that the August 2000 event cost about $600,000, up from lower figures in earlier reports. In the September 2002 recorded conversation, Mr. Rosen allegedly said, "We probably spent a million, which is 400,000 more."

The government filing also stated that Mr. Rosen said he could not be convicted because he was only a "staffer."

The court records do not indicate whether the informant who taped Mr. Rosen was ever asked to tape Mrs. Clinton. However, Tonken, who also claims to have worked as an FBI informant in the case, told the Sun he was asked by the FBI to tape phone conversations with Mrs. Clinton. The agent who made the request, Tonken said, was Mr. Smith, the same one who described the agency's relationship with the mystery witness.

As I've said before - Beware of the 2008 Election - She's Coming!

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