Monday, April 04, 2005

Canadian Adscam: Gomery Commission Bans Publication of Testimony

Captain's Quarters

Guess freedom of speech doesn't exist in Canada, but then we all knew that didn't we? They have restrictions on what you can or can't say on a number of issues. But if one of the socialist politicians in Canada wants to denigrate and call President George Bush foul names well, of course that's ok.

Seems like the Liberal Party of Canada has had quite a kickback racket going on for a long time. Of course, Chretien wouldn't be involved now? Oh no, just like with UNSCAM (Chretien also has ties to France's major oil corporation which profited from Saddam's oil scam with the UN) the Chretien family ties go down the line with this scam.

This is a interesting situation and example of a government stifling information. Sounds a bit like Teheran or maybe Beijing but nope it's Canada!

Captains Quarters is up on the Canadian Adscam to his eyeballs:

Start here, with an update here, and an update here, and an update here, and an update here, and an update here.

If it appears that I'm enjoying this scandal for the Liberals of Canada with Chretien at the helm and the province of Quebec bearing the brunt of the smell, you would be correct.

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