Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Big Mission--The News Media Was There---BUT?

boots in baghdad: brick wall rolling

I'll tell you why. Because this was a very successful mission. The US Military was professional and methodical and treated everyone (ahem except for the to be prisoners) very well.

Snip - to the media. No story here. Move on til we find something either of an explosive nature or where the US Military screwed up. I don't honesty know where the disconnect occurs with the media, whether it's with the reporters or if their work ends up on the editing room floor. Whichever it is though, it's a shame.

B-in-B has a really good story where they caught some bad guys and gathered great evidence. What surprised me is this:
The search was extremely thorough. While we were inside the property one of the other platoons searched all of the fields with the assistance of a civilian explosives expert and his bomb dog. We had positively identified one of the men from our wanted list. It was important we handled all evidence perfectly to make sure it could be used in his trial. With two evidence experts present to make sure everything was handled properly, every square inch of the house was searched. Everything was photographed and all evidence was organized in bags by room number. Nothing was damaged, but a mess was made. All the blankets were unfolded, furniture moved, pictures taken off the walls, cabinets emptied. It sounds extreme but in the end it paid off. We found lots of documentation, abnormal amounts of cash and some weapons.

Sounds like police work to me. What do you think? The other side to this story:
<...>By the time we got to the back of the target house the other dismounts had already cleared it of personnel. The men were separated and the women and children were kept together. We are always careful to make sure that the men can see their families so they know that they are being treated well.
<...>When the women and children entered the house and saw what we had done they just cried. The unit commander and SSG B got the elder man and the translator and went to talk to the women. The commander handled the situation very well. He explained why we had to do what we did, assured them that nothing was broken and explained why we had to take some of the evidence. After they were all calmed down SSG B and I continued to talk to the man. The only detainee we were going to bring back with us was his little brother. The man thanked us for being polite and professional. We assured him his brother would be treated fairly and fed well.

Go give B-in-B a pat on the back and thank you for a job well done.

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