Friday, April 22, 2005

An Asian student confesses -- 'we work harder'

Townhall - Larry Elder: An Asian student confesses -- 'we work harder'

Guess Larry Elder can get away with writing this since he's Black. It's unfortunate that you need to have certain ethnic or race qualifications before writing certain stories. But Larry as usual does a great job of reporting what the Education Unions and Lover's of Big Government don't want you to know. Larry is actually writing a story written by a H.S. Senior for his H.S. Newspaper.

Why do students from some racial or ethnic groups outperform students from other racial or ethnic groups?

Don't bother raising that question at California's Alhambra High School, where Asians make up 54 percent of the population and Latinos 38 percent. On the school's 2004 STAR Test, which measures student proficiency, Asian students' scores in English Language Arts for the 11th grade are 44 percent, with Latinos scoring 26 percent. In Mathematics, Asians in Algebra I scored 49 percent, and Latinos 12 percent. In Algebra II, Asians scored 55 percent, with Latinos at 19 percent. For Geometry, Asians scored 51 percent, and Latinos 11 percent.

The diversity/inclusion/multicultural crowd wants not only equal rights. They want equal results. But results require hard work, sacrifice and discipline. Either that, or a really good government program.

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