Friday, April 22, 2005

Anti-Smoking 'Whackers' Hit U.S. Camp in Iraq

Hurl's BLOG: Smokers

If this wasn't so pathetic it would be funny. All I've ever heard from soldiers I've sent things to is how bad the stench is in Iraq. So, amidst all the other hazards plus the stench there's now designated smoking areas at this camp! Isn't this getting a bit absurd?

It seems the hostility to smokers knows no bounds. Even here in Iraq, strict measures exist to confine smokers to specific areas called “Smoke-pits.” They sit huddled together puffing away…. Sharing what used to be a somewhat enjoyable enterprise, but now they are sneered at, complained about, demonized, and literally cast out of society.

Update: Seems that I may be spoken too soon on this little issue.
Got a comment:
The main reason there are designated smoking areas is so the butts won't wind up all over the camp. The best thing they sould teach smokers in basic is how to field strip their damn butts and put what's left in their cargo pockets. SFC SKI

Both of the comments reminded me of a short video I got from a friend. It's hysterical and has a segment relating to what SFC SKI mentions. The video is called Cpt. Wedley. It's about 2mg. I still have it but have no clue where I could host it, anyone got any ideas??

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