Friday, April 01, 2005

Another Perspective on Cpt. Rogelio Maynulet

COUNTERCOLUMN: All Your Bias Are Belong to Us by Jason Van Steenwyk

I think Jason does a great job of putting into perspective the events surrounding Captain Maynulet. Since Jason has been there he lends alot of credibility in his posting of Compare and contrast .
An Army captain, Rogelio Maynulet, has just been convicted of assault with intent to commit voluntary manslaughter by a court martial board.

The AP doesn't really bother with the details. After all, it's just another grunt in trouble, right?

But the man Maynulet shot was an Iraqi insurgent who had received such a horrible head wound that it caused an experienced combat medic to break down in a hopeless effort to treat the wounded man.

Check out what Jason has to say.

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