Tuesday, March 15, 2005

You think the marriage radicals have gone too far? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Jeff Jacoby: The marriage newspeak

For all of those out there who think that same sex marriage is no big deal. Just remember the law of unintended consequences. The same sex marriage lobby has learnt their lessons well from the pro-abortionists. Incrementalism and politically correct speech along with a pinch of patience yields amazing results.

Jeff Jacoby omens the future:

What is underway here is not simply a tweaking of legal terminology. The crusade for same-sex marriage has never been aimed merely at adjusting the familiar boundaries of married life to make it more inclusive. The real target is the significance of marriage itself -- the idea, fundamental to human happiness and all successful societies, that the purpose of marriage is to bring men and women together for their mutual welfare and for the protection and well-being of any children they create or adopt. It is that deeply ingrained belief that the marriage radicals are determined to do away with. One purpose of the official marriage Newspeak is to make such thoughts increasingly unthinkable.

My views on this may sound reactionary to some of you but as one of the formerly brainwashed legions by the NARAL/Feminist Abortionists, I will always be suspect of the motives or agendas of any left wing groups.

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