Sunday, March 06, 2005

What the Hell is Snow Thinking?

Bono for World Bank president

If 'Bono' is so damned wonderful I'd like to see some of the results of all this money he's bagged to combat Aids in Africa. From everything I've heard or read, the Aids situation in Africa only gets worse and Bono, like most of the public school systems just wants more money to pour into the open ended trough called Africa.

Like his predessor, John Snow is also a short timer [this is just a guess on my part]. Anyone who embraces a 'star' who's only qualification for this type of position is that he's good at coercing money out of countries (primarily the US). I've not seen any proof he achieves any positive results except for publicity for himself.

Treasury secretary John Snow said on Sunday he would not rule out the idea of Irish singer Bono, an activist on debt relief and Aids, making the short list of potential candidates to lead the World Bank even though an American is expected to get the job.

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