Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Story from a Marine and A Tiny Survivor

Marine Corps Moms: Healing Wounds

....As anybody who has done it will tell you, traveling by helicopter in the Iraqi theater involves a lot of waiting around. Having your flight canceled, or getting bumped from the ones that are running, is just a fact of life here.

It was during one of these long waits that I came across this boy and heard his story. I first noticed him as I walked through the terminal. He was trying to sit up on a cot where he had been sleeping. But both his arms from the elbows down were heavily bandaged, and he couldn’t manage it on his own. As I walked over to help, an American contractor, who was an interpreter, got there first and helped the boy sit up.

I asked the man what had happened to the boy; though he didn’t know all the details, he told me what he had heard. The boy’s father had worked for coalition forces. Insurgents from their town got wind of this and tried to kill him and his family by burning their house down.

Fortunately, everyone escaped, but the boy suffered bad burns on both of his arms. He was treated by American doctors and was awaiting a flight to receive further treatment at another hospital.

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