Thursday, March 31, 2005

Recent Hmong Refugee Murders Fiance (She won't Marry Him 'cause he's got Hepatitis B!)

Fiance's stress over breakup led to fatal stabbing, police say

Aside from the persistent violence in the Hmong community the most striking part about this article from the Strib (of which the Strib casually mentions) is:

The young couple had an arranged marriage in a Thai refugee camp, but things soured when they emigrated to the Twin Cities last fall.

Vou Xiong, 27, had tested positive for hepatitis B, and Mai Yia Lee, 22, no longer wanted to marry him. Her family concurred.

Do you get this? This man was among the refugees admitted to the US from a refugee camp last fall with his having Hepititis B! I thought there was screening so refugees with communicable diseases were not admitted to the country! Guess there aren't enough problems with the resurrgence of TB by refugees, they are now bringing in this.

In general, hepatitis B is more serious than hepatitis A and is occasionally fatal, especially in older people or after a blood transfusion, and can be mild or full-blown (fulminant).

Hepatitis B is less easily transmitted than hepatitis A. One mode of transmission, now rare in the United States, is through contaminated blood.

Hepatitis B is also spread through contact with saliva, tears, breast milk, urine, vaginal fluid, and semen. Transmission commonly occurs between sex partners, both heterosexual and male homosexual. Also at increased risk are people in closed environments, because body fluid contact is more likely. A pregnant woman infected with hepatitis B can transmit the virus to her baby during birth.

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