Thursday, March 24, 2005

An Ode to Aunt Toni

I got this from this fella today.
He's my "favorite" fella!

For my fun and
wonderful Aunt Toni….
Here’s a list of
Things she’s done for me!

Every Christmas
She buys a kit,
Then we’ll spend hours workin’ on it.
Come Christmas day,
My mom and dad
are curious to see what me and Toni had.
They open it up and gasp in shock,
Then I go to my Aunt Toni
And thank her a lot.

Sometimes in the summer
We’ll take a ride on the lake
And drive around in circles
and look at the waves we make!
We’ll go back to the shore
And have a big fire and roast some s’mores!

I love my Aunt Toni
I love her a lot
Even at any age
She just hits the spot!!

Love Aaron
(Your beloved nephew!)

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