Monday, March 21, 2005

NIMBY - Hollywood says it's ok for YOU but not for ME! News - International - Line drawn in the sand to divide stars from ordinary beach-goers

Most of this is stuff I've read or heard before but there was one quote that I found interesting.

The stars are not eager to talk about the beach battle, but many Malibu residents support their Broad Beach neighbours and complain that the public do not respect the beach.

"They treat this like a huge garbage dump," said Ron Lawrence, a retired doctor. "I’ve seen people defecate on the beaches. They wouldn’t tolerate it in the city." The coastal commission wants the "No Trespassing" signs and the guards removed.

"If they are really concerned about the public trespassing on to their property or breaking into their homes, they can do what most of us do. We lock our doors," said Linda Locklin, the access programme manager for the commission.

"Most of us live in cities and most of us have a sidewalk in front of our houses, and the public goes on that sidewalk at all hours of the day," she said. "The rest of us have to cope."

These are the same people who will defend the rights of homeless people to harass and harangue people in the city. You find the homeless do exactly the same things on city streets as the Hollywood Elites are complaining they do on the Malibu Beach! So, I say....cry me a river......

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