Thursday, March 24, 2005

Marine Lieutenant Brian Donlon - Someone You Should Know

BLACKFIVE: Marine Lieutenant Brian Donlon - Someone You Should Know

What an incredible letter. Some parts are truly incredulous and I wish that it would punch many of the anti-war, peace demonstrating and Hate-Bush crowd between the eyes. But I know through experience that these types of people will just keep muttering and screaming their infantile 60's and 70's rhetoric without consideration to fact or logic. In fact, these people don't want any of this to be true, they want what Michael Moore calls "minutemen' and the MSM calls "insurgents" to be successful in defeating the US Military and the Iraqi spirit. Even though many of these people will say they support the troops, they are lying through their own self-delusion.

Here's an example of what the "minutemen" in Fallujah did to the Iraqi people as described by what the Marines found:

Covering enemy dead with ponchos as they went, they killed Muj (as they nicknamed the insurgents) in the streets or toppled buildings on top of them with mortars, artillery and aerial bombardment. They shot dogs and cats caught feasting on the dead, found the mutilated corpse of aid worker Margaret Hassan, discovered a torture chamber with full suits of human skin and refrigerated body parts right out of "Silence of the Lambs", opened a cellar with chained men who had starved to death and broke down doors to find rooms full of corpses, hands tied behind their backs, bullet holes in the back of their heads.

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