Friday, March 11, 2005

Magical Trevor


This is a WARNING, Magical Trevor will infect your brain never to leave. He will replay and replay in your head!! Andrew is responsible for finding Trevor and infecting others.

Episode One
Episode Two

For those who actually do go to visit Trevor here's the antidote:

Like many other neurotics, I suffer from recurring song stuckage. Songs get stuck in my head. There is no cure for song stuckage, or "earworm" — that's what a University of Cincinnati marketing professor has called it. While you can't cure earworm, you can treat it.

A weapon that works for me sometimes, (except on The Lion Sleeps Tonight, which apparently fell to earth from Krypton) is lyric substitution.

See what lyric substitution can do for the Tears for Fears song, Everybody Wants to Rule the World:

Drum roll: "Everybody wants to fool with Earl."When you do such as that to a song, the tune that seemed fixed in orbit around your brain will wobble on its axis. It's a fairly dependable song-stuckage killer.

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