Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Judge in AZ Denies "teeth" of Prop 200 to Lawmakers

Judge won't expand Prop. 200

I find this storm on illegal immigrants in Arizona quite interesting. I think many states are watching this unfold. Unfortunately, too many judges think it's their job to deny the people their right to make laws. Even when the laws have not been struck down by the courts the Governor drags her feet in enacting the laws approved by Prop 200. Indeed, this is a very interesting scenario playing out which transcends party lines for citizens. Even the Arizona Public shows it bias in the headline. The intent of Prop 200 is exactly what the Judge is denying so there's no expansion occurring here.

The legislation would go far beyond the legal interpretation of Proposition 200, the anti-illegal immigration measure approved by voters in November. Attorney General Terry Goddard has concluded that it would apply only to welfare benefits.

In his opinion, Goddard concluded that undocumented immigrants could receive free school lunches, immunizations and library cards without being referred to immigration authorities. Randy Pullen, a key supporter of Proposition 200, challenged the definition in court.

Pullen believes Proposition 200 should apply to an assortment of public benefits, such as public housing, food assistance, college education and employment benefits.

"Regardless of what the courts say, the attorney general and the governor are dragging their feet and are trying to minimize the implementation of Prop. 200 as much as they can," Pullen said Monday.

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