Friday, March 11, 2005

Iraq Patrol

A Day In Iraq: The Runner

Michael tells us about a night patrol mission. I always wondered in detail what this was like. It's kind of like doing a ride along with the Police. It can be boring, dangerous and exciting. One of my friends was in Iraq for the elections, doing patrols. He's already been there for a year so this wasn't anything new. But he had written to me how tense and nerve racking the patrols were around the time of the elections. Here is what he wrote to me about it: Things are still tense--especially on the day before the election and election day. This is when I did my last 2 patrols. Man, they were hard and full of incidents--everyone is okay [no WIA or KIA]. My ass is so puckered still that it will take another week to pull out the seat cushion from my humvee. But this still doesn't tell you what exactly makes it so tense. Michael's details bring it to life.

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