Saturday, March 05, 2005

How Montreal's Power Corp. found itself caught up in the biggest fiasco in UN history

I know that Claudia Rossett is responsible for dogging the UNSCAM story. But I do like this report which details the duplicity in probably the largest fraud committed in history having the sanction of what was considered to be the defining international forum in the world. If you have not been aware of the connection between Chretien [frmr Prime Minister of Canada] and France in objecting to the defeat of Saddam Husseim this might enlighten you. It's a windy and twisted path which the MSM preferred to ignore since I think this doesn't follow their vision of the UN. If the UN happened to have been a US Corporation they would have been all over it. Even the investigation initiated by the UN is tainted. I'd like to see how that would work out for a Corporation? So, you have a Corporate fraud scandal and the CEO says, well I'll hire a team to investigate the fraud and report back to the government the results. How do you think that would go over with the NYT, CBS, LAT, NBC, ABC etc.? But with the UN this is ok.

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