Friday, March 18, 2005

High School Alters Marine Picture Due to Zero Tolerance

Marine Corps Moms: Zero tolerance? Let 'em know what you think
This is another example of educators gone totally, completely STUPID!! I am so angry about this. To me the most disturbing aspect of the insanity occurring in our public education institutions is to obliterate any semblance of common sense, patriotism and duty to your country and finally the demonization of the US as a force for good in the world.

Please go read what Marine Corps Moms has posted. And express your support.

My 15 year old daughter, Shea, out of sheer pride, took a picture of her brother to her high school to share with a teacher. Her brother, Bill, also a graduate of Douglas McKay High School in Salem, Oregon, is a US Marine and a decorated veteran of the Iraq war. He has been deployed twice and will be returning this summer for his 3rd deployment to Iraq. Shea has had the unique experience of supporting her brother during his deployments and the true realization of what war means to the families of our Marines and soldiers in harms way.

and then:
Shea proudly printed a picture of her brother and took it to school. The picture she selected is of her brother in Iraq, in combat uniform and holding a gun. Just, a typical picture of a Marine at work in a war zone. Mr. Costa asked the school administration for permission to hang the picture due to the graphic nature of the picture. He was denied, based on the fact that a gun is included in the picture. From there I’m told it was taken to the Salem-Keizer Administrative offices and it was scanned and the gun removed in order for it meet the guidelines of political correctness.

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