Saturday, March 05, 2005

Gunner Palace - A Review You Can't Miss


If you've heard anything about Gunner Palace be sure to read this review. If you haven't heard anything about Gunner Palace be sure to read this review.

......In two years I will swear in, train and take command of 35 men, boys, as young as I am now. One of the privates, sitting in his bunk, told the camera about his worst fear: IEDs. The guns, the mortars, the hostile throngs...paled in comparision, the unknown factor in an improvised explosion frightened him to the core. Earlier, you see traffic stop, both ways, in downtown Baghdad, because someone spotted a knapsack suspiciously sitting on the median. It was the company commander who walked out, exposed, completely vulnerable, to investigate. It was the officer who refused to ask anything from his men he was unwilling to do himself. It is the officer who must at all times be aware, be knowledgeable, have the answer, because those kids with guns, those rowdies, their lives will depend on me. Gunner Palace, most importantly, showed me this, showed me the unmeasurable scope of responsibility I will have to my troops. As frightening as IEDs are, as frightening as accountability for 35 lives might be, like Blackfive said, it's beautiful. Strangely, seductively beautiful.

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