Sunday, March 27, 2005

Fort Bragg Officer's Hiccups, Death A Mystery - News - Fort Bragg Officer's Hiccups, Death A Mystery

Saw this on Drudge. These kinds of stories about troop deaths from an unknown illness/cause always give me pause. One of my concerns is that the Military medical didn't fail these people. After the story about the SF in Afghanistan who got chronic wasting disease and was misdiagnosed repeatedly by the Military Medical system, dishonorably discharged and the subsequent rescinding of the discharge due to a correct diagnosis. But it was his family that made all of that happen.

Capt. Wright's death follows the deaths of two North Carolina soldiers who died after returning from the Middle East and experiencing flu-like symptoms.

State epidemiologist Jeffrey Engel said the deaths of Special Forces Capt. Gilbert A. Munoz and Army Staff Sgt. Christopher L. Rogers, a reservist, were related only in their timing.

Munoz, 29, appears to have had a bacterial infection and the flu, Engel said. He died of pneumonia Feb. 9. Rogers, 37, died on Feb. 14, just two days after he began feeling ill, his wife said.

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