Thursday, March 24, 2005

Father's Rights

Major Mike: Defending Your get screwed

Major Mike talks about a SEAL who I'm sure thinks he's going through the worst experience he could ever imagine (and that goes beyond any missions). He's run into the Family Court System. I know that this happens primarily to Fathers but I did have this same situation happen with a girlfriend who was the financial support for her family. However, she was also the caregiver too. Anyway, I was absolutely astounded when I read what the child support was for this SEAL for ONE child. $2,100 a month! And the ex-wife left the State and moved to Israel so he never gets to see his son.

Also mentioned in the Fox report is the fact that child support for a National Guardsman or Reservist based on civilian pay is not adjusted if the NG or Res. is activated and deployed. What?? That's ridiculous you say? What we, who have not run into the wall called Family Court, don't realize is that common sense has no place in Family Court decisions.

Now, I am going to make a statement of which I don't have the facts to back it up so take it as it is, an opinion. One of the root causes of this treatment in Family Court is the Social Work profession itself. I believe most in people who go into Social Work are themselves from dysfunctional families and therefore have skewed ideas of family, men and value systems. Extrapolate from that what you want.

So, go check out Major Mikes posting. The poor schlump of a SEAL is really getting the screws put to him.

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