Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ex-Marine Alleges Saddam Story was Fabricated

The Neoconservative: Ex-Marine Alleges Saddam Story was Fabricated

For anyone whose seen this story about the capture of Saddam by this Ex-Marine (thought it was always former or retired and never Ex?) as you may have guessed it's a fake or he's a fake. Saw the link from Wes Roth to the Neocon.

His story is a load of bull. Saddam was captured by Task Force 121, which is composed mainly of Delta Force (more information available here). No marines participated in the capture of Saddam Hussein. He's just another person looking to make a quick buck.

Second, I tried searching the Marine Locator on Marine Online, this guy has no account (something that's been required for a few years now).

Third, I tried searching the Marine Corps Uniform Board tool for looking up who has been approved for a Combat Action Ribbon (something he would have received had he, you know, ever been shot at or shot at someone), his
name does not show up (tool located here:

Fourth, I looked up who was killed around that time here: and couldn't find either anyone of Sudanese descent, nor any Marines (goes back to my first point) killed around that time.

This guy is making it up.

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