Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Crowd Control and much more

This is Your War: Crowd Control

Red2Alpha has a posting which covers a wide range of emotions. He even has a funny posting about Boomers. The crowd control portion does draw you into his story and is very compelling. But here's the part that gave me a chuckle:

QUESTION AUTHORITY. I hate that bumper sticker, left over relic from the 60's. Look, the 60's are over. There is no more Wood Stock or Love In's, no more Hippy buses. It's done. Your time is past. My generation, Gen X, was taught by the old Hippies in school and found your ways wanting, old, tired. I don't care how you dropped acid in the Redwoods and discovered yourself. War, poverty, violence, and hunger will not be stopped with protest marches, smoking the crazy ganja and fucking a hairy legged chick that smells of patruli oil.
QUESTION AUTHORITY. Authority is the thing that kicks your ass when you don’t obey the rules, I tell my wife.

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