Thursday, March 31, 2005

Capt. Rogelio Maynulet - Update on Court Martial

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Some of these court martials are starting to look like there is more concern for the terrorists than the soldiers.

Capt. Rogelio Maynulet is charged with assault with intent to commit murder in the May 21, 2004, killing near Kufa, south of Baghdad. Prosecutors say he vviolated the Army's rules of engagement by shooting the Iraqi while he was unarmed and injured.

Maynulet, 30, of Chicago, has pleaded not guilty. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Looks like video from a drone is the primary witness to this event.

Video from a U.S. drone surveillance aircraft showed the outline of a soldier in a helmet and battle gear, identified by a witness as Maynulet, aiming a weapon at an Iraqi man lying on the ground, followed by a flash.

Maynulet's company had been on patrol when it was alerted to a car thought to be carrying a driver for radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and another militiaman loyal to the cleric. They chased the vehicle and fired at it, wounding both the passenger, who fled and was later apprehended, and the driver.

In further testimony Tuesday, two Iraqis who worked with Maynulet during his deployment to Iraq described him as compassionate and spoke of his helpfulness to civilians and Iraqi soldiers training for the civilian defense corps.

........The U.S. military has referred to the Iraqi driver only as an "unidentified paramilitary member," but relatives named him as Karim Hassan, 36. The family does not dispute that he was working for al-Sadr.

I'm wondering how WWII, Korean or Viet Nam War Vets would have withstood the scrutiny of today using a drone video?

Update: 3/31/05 -U.S. soldier convicted in Iraqi killing

WIESBADEN, Germany (AP) -- A military court on Thursday found a U.S. Army tank company commander guilty of charges related to the shooting death of a wounded Iraqi last year.

Capt. Rogelio "Roger" Maynulet stood at attention as Lt. Col. Laurence Mixon, the head of the six-member panel, read the verdict.
The court was to reconvene later Thursday to consider Maynulet's sentence. The charge -- assault with intent to commit voluntary manslaughter -- carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.

This is truly a sad day.

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