Saturday, March 12, 2005

Blogads: reader survey for blog advertising.


Some interesting results from the Blogads Survey. I got an auto email from Michelle Malkin and took the survey. Don't remember taking it last year. But from a selling perspective there's some interesting results which I think are contrary to notions held by most of the newspaper articles I've read.

Age Demographics: Last year, 61% of responding blog readers were over 30 years old. This year, 75% are over 30 years old.
Income Demographics: Last year, 40% had family incomes greater than $90,000. This year, 43% exceed that figure.
Gender Demographics: Last year, 79% were men. This year, 75% are men.
Buying Patterns: Almost the same number (44%) spend more than $500 for air tickets. 86% purchased music online, last year and

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