Wednesday, March 09, 2005

AZ - House English measure still going

I wish a few other states would take a hint from this. The good part is AZ has already been down this road before, having a previous Proposal struck down by the courts they have come back with a proposal which they think is court proof. The states print a boat load of documents in multiple languages to accomodate immigrants. I know MN has multiple languages for most documents. This costs alot of taxpayer dollars. By doing this the states are promoting multilanguage states. Immigrants have to learn English to make their way through US society to be successful. I know my grandmother spoke broken English til she died but my grandfather learned English and my Dad and his sisters all grew up speaking English, not Italian. This is not the situation today. But with my Dad's family, they had no choice, that's how it was done. But not today.

Under the measure, documents necessary for international trade, for tourism and to protect the public's health and safety would not be affected.

Spanish-language documents printed by prison and health officials including immunization, childhood lead poisoning prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, prison orientation handbooks and sanitation signs could be exempted.

Similarly, it would not affect people conducting private business.

Documents produced in Spanish such as lottery advertising, automobile insurance premium comparisons and the Spanish-language fliers Phoenix attached to 696 water bills at the request of residents would be banned. Phoenix has 428,626 water users, city officials said.

On Tuesday, Pearce successfully changed the measure to include that election ballots be printed only in English. Democrats challenged the constitutionality of such an amendment.

Rep. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, argued that printing ballots only in English violates the requirements of the federal Voting Rights Act.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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