Monday, March 14, 2005

Advice from LtCol North to John Bolton

Oliver North: Misunderestimation

I get a kick out of Ollie's snarky advice to John Bolton on Bolton's upcoming Senate Confirmation hearing. There's no mincing of words here:

First, recognize that the Senate Libs really do hate your guts.
Second, remember, you know a lot more about the important issues than they do.
Third, it's the sex thing, John. If you want to see the Libs on the raised dais squirm, bring up the sexual malfeasance that infects every level of the United Nations.
call 'em as you see 'em, John. The bloated big-wigs attacking you aren't used to plain English.
Fifth, Kofi's corruption. Lots of the guys who don't want you at the UN love to be seen on the cocktail circuit with their pal Kofi Annan.
Sixth, "Eurocrats" in our Senate will want to know your views on giving Germany a permanent seat - and a "veto" - on the Security Council. Counter by suggesting....a better option would be to give the French "seat" on the Security Council to the EU...

Finally, remember that the guys trying to peel your hide are "tax and spend" experts. Ask 'em how the UN's madcap idea of taxing American citizens under their so-called "Millennium Development Goals" will go down with their constituents.

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