Sunday, January 16, 2005

Who is Condoleezza Rice?

Observer How Condoleezza Rice became the most powerful woman in the world

This is actually a pretty decent bio of Condi. I'm looking forward to seeing if she has any effect on the culture of loving other countries more than their own at State.

Rice is also a black American, yet race is rarely if ever mentioned when discussing her rise to power. In a race-obsessed society, that is an enigma. Perhaps the secret lies in her childhood in the segregated Deep South of Alabama when her home town of Birmingham was marred by racial violence and dubbed 'Bombingham'. For Rice's family did not embrace the civil rights movement in the way many other Southern blacks did. They came from a different tradition which held that simple hard work, discipline and education would bring the American Dream to black America. Her family was solidly middle class, with a father who worked as a school guidance counsellor and part-time minister and a mother who was a teacher.

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