Saturday, January 01, 2005

What Went Wrong?

2Slick has a must read on pre-war and post-war Iraq. He's put together an excellent commentary on who believed what and why perhaps these beliefs were incorrect. What's being done today to correct some of those wrong assumptions. He rightfully points out the short term attention span and instant gratification mindset of Americans today.

Heres a good question I get from time to time- "What went wrong with the plan for Iraq?"

It's a fair question, but I do think that people today lack a true understanding of the nature of war. There seems to be very little historical perspective these days. Everybody wants a "quick and dirty" smackdown followed by immediate withdrawal. "War is fine as long as nobody gets hurt." It just doesn't work like that- in fact, it's never worked like that. As a people, I think we Americans have become a little bit spoiled in that sense. Having said that, I do think there were some "miscalculations" made in this war- here's my take on it...

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