Saturday, January 08, 2005


Michelle Malkin

My understanding is the media has known about this abuse going on a year and NOTHING has been done to address or stop the activity by the "UN Peacekeepers". Here are further examples of the total incompetence and corruption of the UN. This is what leftists want our (US) military to do and that is to only be "Peacekeepers" where there is no US interest. You know, just how Bill Clinton used our military in the 90's and slapped blue patches and hats on them. BTW - the lawsuit filed by a soldier who was against the wearing of the UN blue lost his case in Federal Court so this could still happen. Can you imagine if this was the US Military (i.e. look to Abu Ghraib) who were forcing these Congolese girls into sex. OMG - the railing and ranting of the NYT, LAT, NBC, al would be unending. But ya know, since it's the UN PEACEKEEPERS, well that's a different story. They are the UN after all and above reproach. Blechhhhhh!

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