Sunday, January 02, 2005

Secret Meeting, Clear Mission: 'Rescue' U.N.

The New York Times > International > Secret Meeting, Clear Mission: 'Rescue' U.N.

At the end of this "Rescue Missions" a Mr. Ruggie says:

"The attackers of the U.N. for too long have had a free ride in exaggerating the magnitude of the problem, sometimes deliberately distorting the facts, escalating their accusations and demands for his resignation, and frankly the response on the part of the U.N. has been inept."

Get that....the UN Oil for Food scandal and the Oil smuggling scandal has been exaggerated by some??? Would that be the US Congressional investigations into the UN complicity and perhaps (perhaps is a joke) graft. The NY Times treats this whole meeting like it's a wide range of concerned 'important US officials all of whom happen to have been involved with the UN or State during the Clinton administration. So, of course, that must mean it's ok then.

BTW - I didn't need a registration to read this article.

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