Sunday, January 09, 2005

Reserve Chief Still Pounding the Table

COUNTERCOLUMN: All Your Bias Are Belong to Us

Jason Van Steenwyk does a great job of analyzing what the MSM isn't getting about General James Helmly's complaints. He then points out this is nothing new from the General since he's basically been saying the same thing for almost 2 years. It's just the MSM has now decided to make an issue of it.
As usual, though, it comes down to a press corps that does not understand the structure of the army or the principles undergirding the role of a citizen soldier in the Republic. It's that part of Jeffersonian political thought they don't teach you in high school. And they're certainly not equipped to teach it in J-school.

Also referenced is a heads up from Micky Kaus:
It's only when you get further down in the stories that you discover Helmly isn't complaining about troop levels in Iraq. He's criticizing more specific Reserve policies--he wants the Army to order more reservists to Iraq against their wishes, for example, and decries the overuse of volunteers (who he thinks are people who tend to "enjoy lesser responsible positions in civilian life"). He also wants more Reservists who aren't fulfilling their obligations called to active duty or discharged. I'm not sure this jibes with the Democrats' agenda.

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