Monday, January 03, 2005

Liberal Voices Disappearing From Mainstream Media - Helen Thomas - Liberal Voices Disappearing From Mainstream Media

This is hysterically funny. Helen Thomas thinks that Moyers retirement means that liberals are disappearing from TV. The funny part is the word liberal to describe Moyers....Moyers is a communist. I don't even consider him a socialist. There's a non-profit organization which the small company I work for has an association, it's because one of the partners uses it as a networking tool. Of course her 'volunteering' are the meetings she attends. This means that the rest of us are supposed to buy into the leftist drivel associated with many inner city non-profits. Some of what they do is good and I actually taught more than a few financial management classes for non-financial people who were starting a small company. At their Annual Awards banquet (see all non-profits have awards banquets) this year the speaker was Helen Thomas. Ugh! It was bad enough last year hearing from Anne Bancroft about how wonderful she and her partner were but if it wasn't for the 'man' friend they would have had no money!! Needless to say, I didn't go this year knowing I would probably be puking in my chair trying to listen to Helen Thomas speak for an hour. I am not into self administered torture.

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