Wednesday, January 19, 2005


New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

Ralph Peters has an excellent oped on the Anti-War/Leftists of this country.

What do those protesters think would happen if our president agreed to their demand to "bring the troops home"? Do they think Atlantis would rise from the Tigris River, bringing with it a golden reign of peace? Do they want the Baathist thugs to return to power? Would they really like the terrorists to win?

Where were those self-righteous protesters when Saddam was butchering the Kurds, or Iraq's Shi'a Muslims? Where were the environmentalists when Saddam drained the vast marshes in southern Iraq to punish the population?

What will the leftists say when millions of Iraqis turn out to vote in the region's first free elections? That it doesn't matter? That the murderous peace under Saddam was more humane? That those who risk their lives to vote are fools?

It's a wonderful thing to be an idealist, but to be one successfully requires embracing practical means, not slogans. The leftist catechism that military intervention is always bad (less bad, though, when initiated by a Democrat) means turning away from the pleas of those marked for death.

The left had a grand time with the abuses in Abu Ghraib prison. But I didn't meet a single anti-war activist in Iraq last year, when I toured a network of torture chambers Saddam's regime had used to butcher the Kurds.

Leftists are always happy to weep over corpses, but they find it an inconvenience to save the living.

I think that sentence says it all!

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