Saturday, January 08, 2005

Kerry meets Syrian president, says he is hopeful strained U.S.-Syrian ties can be improved

Just think ... this man could have been President! He wonders why relations are strained between the US and Syria?? Could it be that Syria is harboring and supporting former Iraqi Baathists? Could it be that Syria is sending and recruiting and training Islamic terrorists to go to Iraq to kill Iraqis and US Troops?

"I think we found a great deal of areas of mutual interest, some common concerns and some possibilities for initiatives that could be taken in the future to strengthening the relationship between the U.S. and Syria," Kerry told reporters after meeting with al-Sharaa.

"I leave here with a sense that we can improve our relationship. There are significant possibilities, particularly with the elections in Iraq and the elections in the West Bank ... This is the moment of opportunity for the Middle East, for the U.S. and for the world. I hope that we would seize that opportunity."

I see now...we could improve our relationship with Syria if the US would just be wussified pussys and let the Islamic terrorists take over the world and then they would be happy. After all Canada is going to allow Sharia (?? Muslim courts) for Muslims instead of Canadian courts, why shouldn't the US be as open minded? Maybe if the US just left Iraq and Afghanistan the Islamicfanaticals could exterminate another million people like the North Vietnamese did after the US abandoned South Vietnam like John Kerry advocated. Then he talks about elections in the West Bank. What farukin elections? Is this a democratic process? Are there multiple candidates running? And for that matter just what state would those elections be for? None you say .... cause there is no Palestian state. Get that. The elections are a fraud, just like Saddam Hussein had elections.

Correction: There are 2 candidates (read: terrorists) running for office on the West Bank. I just heard someone on Fox News call it the election for President? Explain this to me please?

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