Saturday, January 08, 2005

How to Interrogate Terrorists by Heather Mac Donald

City Journal Winter 2005 How to Interrogate Terrorists by Heather Mac Donald

Thanks to Rich at Beef Always Wins for the link. I am so tired of the neo-socialists making hay out of the interrogation techniques and using the Abu Ghraib situation to accentuate the point. Remember, Abu Ghraib is a bunch low lifes who are not Military Intelligence but guards and clerks having their jollies for one night! Yes, all of the Abu Ghraib pictures occurred in one night. Aside from the anke-biters using this example, Guatanamo is their next target. You've got the International Red Cross (different than the American Red Cross) and others screaming bloody murder about treatment of terrorists! Do I care what happens to these people who think nothing of cutting off someone's head, or burning someone to death and then jump on the bodies for fun times or hanging that charred body from a bridge. Nope - not a whit. In fact these animals are treated too good. But the ankle-biters of the left have been successful in disarming our armed forces in their interrogation techniques rendering them useless. The terrorists know they have been successful so they don't have to give out anything. Hope the a$$holes in the Democrat Party are happy with themselves for this accomplishment. And they say they care and support the troops. How? When? All I ever read about from them is how horrible a job they are doing. Mark Dayton (the prozac induced Senator from MN) said last week (after talking with some soldiers who said they had everything they need to do their jobs) that these soldiers just didn't know what they were talking about. Ohhhh....but Senator Dayton does. He is such a mental midget. He got elected by the Seniors in the state by bussing them to Canada to get their drugs. Pathetic little man with the platinum spoon in his mouth is going to help the 'little people'. This man has never worked a real job for a day in his drug induced life. He's the heir of the Dayton Corporation which used to own Dayton Hudson, Marshall Fields, Target etc. He is the face of the Neo-Socialists (Democrats) of today.

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