Monday, January 03, 2005

How the Left Betrayed My Country - Iraq by Naseer Flayih Hasan

FrontPage :: How the Left Betrayed My Country - Iraq by Naseer Flayih Hasan

He tells how the left contorts their vision to fit their ideology. Not his words, mine. The point made though is the left (both in the US and in Europe) have conveniently ignored Saddam's atrocities along with Europe and the UN's complicity of graft and self - benefits in their crusade against war. He recognizes the US has it's own self-interest against terrorism which freed Iraqi's.

I met a Dutch woman on Mutinabi Street, where booksellers lay out their wares on Friday morning. I asked her how long she’d been in Iraq and, through a translator, she answered, “Three months.”

“So you were here during the war?”

“Yes!” she said. “To see the crimes of the Americans!”

I was stunned. After a moment, I replied, “What about the crimes of the regime? It killed millions of Iraqis. Do you know that if the regime was still in power, the conversation we’re having now would result in our torture or death?”

Her face turned red and she angrily responded, “Soon will come the day that the Americans will do worse.” She then went on to accuse me of not knowing what the true facts were in Iraq—and that she could see the situation better than me!

And who's the closed minded person? The Americans or the "peace nazi's (oops, meant activists)"?

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