Friday, January 07, 2005


SHE'S BAAAAACCCCCKKKKK! Here I thought the 'born again' christian Hillary was once again transforming herself to become more like us 'regular folk' and I guess she must think most regular folk believe the election was robbed by President Bush otherwise I doubt very much that the uber planning Clinton would be talking like this.

Even Hillary voted to certify the results — but not before a seismic fracture between herself and her colleague from New York, Sen. Chuck Schumer, appeared:

* Said Schumer: "My view is that you don't hold up the election unless there is concrete real evidence of fraud. I haven't seen that."

* Said Clinton: "As we look at our election system, I think it's fair to say that there are many legitimate questions about its accuracy, about its integrity, and they are not confined to . . . Ohio."

Schumer, of course, is correct.

There is no evidence of fraud in the Ohio outcome. None.

Certainly there are no "legitimate questions" about the accuracy or integrity of the Nov. 2 vote.

If Hillary Clinton had any, she would have raised them long before yesterday's pander to Internet trolls and others who see benefit in undermining the legitimacy of critical American institutions.

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