Thursday, January 20, 2005

Here's a SHOCKER!

National Post:Western aid will never end world poverty

Are you recovered yet from that shocking headline. Whowudda thunk it? And from a Canadian journalist much less.

Excerpt (this is on a report published by the UN):
The report's authors say the West shouldn't worry that past aid "investments" have been wasted, and provide a 3,000-page blueprint showing how the new money could be put to better use.

Development aid should have specific objectives, starting with spending on "quick win" projects, such as supplying mosquito nets in malaria-affected parts of Africa. Heavy spending would be on infrastructure, such as roads, and improving health and education services.

While well-intentioned, the report prompts a number of obvious questions. If massive cash injections alone could end poverty and make the world secure, peace and prosperity would reign throughout the Middle East.

The UN report rightly calls for giving developing countries access to Western markets through freer international trade. This would require rich countries to stop protecting certain coddled industries, such as textiles.

Me to reporter - you're showing your Canadian colors with the word rightly. And you were sounding so good up until that word. Hmmpft. See, if the US lifts tariffs for these industries then the US will be harangued for utilizing cheap labor and EVIL corporations will be villanized by the MSM and all of the koolaid drinking organizations for "outsourcing" all the US jobs. At least he ends this commentary with the right idea:

There is also no substitute for quick injections of money for emergency relief, for example, for victims of the tsunami. But overseas aid should focus on helping people to help themselves through the only proven creator of wealth -- free enterprise.

Handouts are a thing of the past.

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