Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Graner jury just rejected the media's Abu Ghraib narrative.

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This is telling in that what some Democrat (and Republican) Senators are suggesting would and already has seriously undermined our GWOT.

Senator Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, went so far as to try to write language into last year's intelligence bill demanding that the CIA report to Congress on what interrogation methods it's using. The White House quietly sought to have this removed--which it reluctantly was--only to be tarred once again last week in some news reports with promoting "torture" for having done so.

As a practical matter, it is a form of micromanagement that would make it harder to get information from detainees. It's akin to requiring an Army brigade commander to report to Senator Soundbite on how he engaged the enemy in Mosul.

What's really going on here is that Mr. Durbin wants to set a political trap for the Bush Administration. His proposal would in practice limit U.S. interrogation techniques without him having to take responsibility for having done so. Mr. Durbin can get good press coverage for deploring "torture" and condemning the Bush Administration, but he won't be blamed if our interrogators fail to elicit the information needed to deter another terrorist attack.

Perhaps sensing the damage they've done, some in the media have started arguing that "torture doesn't work anyway" because detainees just lie. Well, yes, but nobody outside of academia is proposing torture. We're talking about coercive interrogations involving good-cop bad-cop routines, stress positions such as kneeling for a long time and the like, which are used by every serious military and police force in the world because they do work.

I believe and have said before that the Democrats are more concerned about getting back at President Bush than doing their job of protecting the American public. For the them, it's all about winning. I don't know if they'll ever catch onto the fact that bashing the Military (even in the guise of bashing GW) doesn't work anymore with the information available today.

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