Friday, January 14, 2005

Goin up Nort to the lake

In Minnesota (especially during the summer) when you ask someone what they are doing for the weekend they'll either say 'going to the lake' or 'going up north' which implies the lake. But, today, I have to drive to the lakes country 'up nort' (this is the Brainerd lakes area) for a funeral. Clara is the 94 yr old Mother of a good friend of mine. She was a unique lady when in her prime(which lasted well into her late 70's and early 80's) was up for almost anything. She and her daughter had travels all around the world including that place called Afghanistan. For her funeral she's staying in character since her funeral will be on a day where the temperature in the lakes region will probably be in the negative 20's for a HIGH. You'll be able to recognize me since I'll be the one that is dressed like 'Nanook' of Alaska.

Update: I've got some photo's from my little trip 'up nort'. Lets see if I can post the pic from my truck of the exterior temperature mid-morning. Success, that's a first for me. I was over at Powerline and Fraterlibertas and they were all whining about the temp so I figured why not post it. We all know this isn't the coldest it's ever been but cold is cold.

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