Tuesday, January 04, 2005


New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

I like this commentary since it pretty much exposes the self-delusion of anti-war activists and Michael Moore-on wannabe's. That would be the you can't support the troops and not support the war!

But there is something exquisitely condescending about the attitude that members of the military need Americans here at home to save them. Every person now serving in Iraq entered the service voluntarily and as an adult.

But those who have opposed the war from the outset seem to feel that the goal isn't noble, and that it would be best to figure out some kind of quick and cheap face-saving exit strategy at best or an appropriately humiliating defeat at worst.

My personal belief with this war in Iraq was that it was part of the global war on terror. I had no altruistic notion about freeing the Iraqi's from a cruel and murderous dictator. To me it was always about protecting America and Saddam Husseim was a supporter and promoter of Islamofacsist Terror. The freeing of the Iraqi people was just a side benefit in my book. I used to belong to a support site where many people who were supporters of Michael Moore joined around the time of the release of his movie F911. They absolutely trashed the site and it turned out the site owner was a huge supporter of MM. There was no censorship of speech on the forum page as long as you were an adorer of MM. If you wrote anything negative about MM THEN there was censorship and the posting was deleted. I left soon after that and the site to my understanding has lost many soldiers and supporters. See, if you don't really support the soldiers and their mission than your dedication fades quickly.

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