Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Daniel Pipes: Arab Victories in the Language War

Daniel Pipes: Arab Victories in the Language War

Clear thinking from Daniel Pipes. He shows how words do have meaning, the problem is the redefinition of many words when it comes Arab terrorists or Islamic terrorists. The Euros, UN, Socialists/leftists have succeeded in the PR war against Israel and the United States. Pipes has pointed out some of the revisionist history and words utilized by these groups today.

The refugee status normally applies to someone who "owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted . . . is outside the country of his nationality," but not to their descendants. In the Palestinian case, however, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of refugees also merit refugee status. One demographer estimates that over 95 percent of so-called Palestinian refugees never fled from anywhere. Nonetheless, the term continues to be used, implying that millions of Palestinians have a right to move to Israel.

A settlement is defined as a small community or an establishment in a new region. Although some Jewish towns on the West Bank and in Gaza have tens of thousands of residents and have existed for nearly four decades, settlement, with its overtones of colonialism, is their nearly universal name.

Occupied territories implies a Palestinian state existed in 1967, when Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza, which was not the case, making these areas legally disputed territories, not occupied ones.

Cycle of violence, a term President George W. Bush has adopted ("the cycle of violence has got to end in order for the peace process … to begin"), implies a moral equivalence between the killing of Israeli civilians and Palestinian terrorists. It confuses the arsonist with the fire department.

The peace camp in Israel — a term that derives from Lenin's usage — refers to those on the Left who believe that appeasing mortal enemies is the only way to end Palestinian aggression. Those in favor of other approaches (such a deterrence) by implication constitute the "war camp." In fact, all Israelis are in the "peace camp" in the sense that all want to be rid of the conflict; none of them aspires to kill Palestinians, occupy Cairo, or destroy Syria

I find this interesting, when one looks at the world today and where Arab/Islamic countries are and how free or economically successful they are in the world. Obviously they are not free and obviously they are not economically successful. How giving are these nations for people of their own faith in the South Asia disaster? Not much! Ok so if not money, then what are they contributing to the cause? Anything? I haven't heard yet. I do know these tsunami countries are ones that hate the US and rejoiced when Islamic Fascists attacked our country but yet the neo-socialists (read:Democrats) think by helping these countries with disaster assistance the US will be gaining good will. They will be wrong and time will prove this out. American good will and generosity is always taken as if it is due to the receiving people just like welfare and entitlement programs are treated in the US. It is now seen as a 'right' not an entitlement. It's called the fleecing of the American taxpayer.

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