Friday, January 07, 2005

Coverage of Military Tsunami Response Betrays Media Bias -- 01/07/2005

Scott Hogenson asks a really great question in this article.

All this military power - most notably the efforts of 13,000 sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen - isn't cheap, and the Pentagon Thursday noted that the American military role in the humanitarian effort adds up to about $6 million a day. Over the course of the past week, that represents a greater relief effort than what's been pledged by any number of sovereign nations including Saudi Arabia.

To the credit of the media, this humanitarian response by our military has not gone un-noticed. The men and women who are carrying out this work represent the very best of the United States to the entire world and it is right the news media take note of this.

So why is it the media have been much less interested in the equally important humanitarian work carried out every day by our troops in Iraq for the past year and a half?

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