Thursday, January 06, 2005

Coulter 2005

Coulter 2005

Here's an interview with Ann Coulter and it's pure gold! There are people who consider Ann to be the devils brew of the right wing conspiracy, hogwash! I love her because she doesn't care about political correctness and goes right for the jugular.

Here's one of my favorite of her snarky responses to this question:

What should we remember about Bill Clinton?

"Well, he was a very good rapist. I think that should not be forgotten. I don’t think it’s fading. I winced when I saw him on TV today—what is Bush thinking, what is that? It reminds everyone of basically the worst episode in American history: Clinton talking on the phone with Congressmen about sending American troops to the Balkans while being serviced by Monica Lewinsky under the desk. And liberals didn’t mind that—but they’re upset that George Bush waited 48 hours to fly back from Crawford, Tex. If they’d shown half the indignation they showed at George Bush for not immediately turning over the entire United States treasury to Indonesia—where the Indonesians are all wearing Osama bin Laden T-shirts, by the way. Did you see that the Sri Lankans would not accept medical teams from Israel? ‘It’s a natural disaster, we’re dying, send help! No Jews.’ Oh-kay. Lovely people."

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