Monday, January 10, 2005

Arizona's illegals and Washington - The Washington Times:

What a great editorial. Everything said in this editorial is true. All of Arizona's politicians were against the proposition. What both Repubublican and Democrat politicians don't want to accept is that illegal immigration is a huge issue and whether it's at the top at election time won't matter because it does cross party lines. There are very few pols that take this issue to heart and usually all you get from them is lip service that this is a very difficult issue. Wrong - it isn't difficult. When a person who is not an American citizen crosses the US border illegally they are breaking the law and should be deported. No benefits, no medical, no aid stations, no allowances or air flights for going home .... nothing. They are not American citizens and are illegal aliens. I don't care if people say we need them for different work, the market will adjust up or down regardless. Fine employers who break the law and fine them in a big way. Stop the nuances and just enforce the laws and allow our border agents to do their jobs. Quit pandering to the lobbying groups who insist on called them 'undocumented immigrants', they aren't undocumented - they are illegal aliens. End of story.

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